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Servo repair in Detroit and our working

As a service provider it has been our prowess in repairing varied AC and DC motors along with the controllers. Individuals who are looking to drive all by you, our procedure for professional repair is as follows:

Individuals who are interested in repairing servo motors and servo drives, it is very much important to note the extreme care that should be taken into prior condition and disassembling of the servo motors or the servo drive units.

The servo motors and drives are mechanically calibrated-All the servo motor and the servo drives are mechanically calibrated between the multiple facets of the varied unit in ensuring the proper positioning of the particular device while it is being commissioned. The failure to properly disassemble a servo motor can actually cause the unit in becoming unusable in the days to come.

1FK7-Servomotorenreihe für Motion-Control-Anwendungen von Siemens wurde im Design erneuert und erweitert / Siemens redesigns and extends its 1FK7 servo motor series for motion control applications

The working of the inner surfaces-The working in the inner surface of the servo motors along with the servo drives are both separated and thereby they should be treated in a separate manner.

  • The motors are specifically designed with what is being commonly being defined as ‘feedback” capabilities so that the servo drives can maintain positioning of the motor within fraction of an inch.
  • It is to be noted that it withstands high amount of holding currents as well as extremely fast start stop approaches, so that accuracy can be maintained at all times as it is being said by individuals who have rated us as the best servo repair in Detroit.

Connected in the form of encoder or resolver-This particular feedback is being connected to a servo motor which often comes in the form of an encoder or resolver depending on the type of encoder or the resolver you might be having, troubleshooting your servo motor might be impossible.

In numerous cases manufactures often implement a proprietary resolver or encoder feedback so it cannot be bad other than the encoder or resolver, so it is to commence at those places.

Count on our services and make your motor gain the extra amount of smoothness that you generally pine for.

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servo repair in Dayton and Its advantages

Since our inception we have been repairing both DC along with AC mortars. Before carrying out servo motor repairs it is important to check out the approaches of servo motor repairs. Listed below are the approaches which can be taken into consideration.

Checking the shafts- It is quite important in establishing whether or not the servo motor shaft has been bent, damaged or broken. If this is the case, a latest shaft might be needed to be ordered or machined in order to getting a complete re-commission for the unit. In some of the cases, a bent shaft can even be replaced and this can quickly become a quote for replacement.


 It is to be noted that the shaft on a servo motor can cause extreme wear to the device over the time due to vibration along with heat.
 A bent shaft can also cause slip on a gear box and it can loss in positioning and resulting in unexpected faults from the particular servo drives.

 You might need to use a calliper in establishing the proper positioning of the shaft within the closest accuracy which is being possible as it is being said by individuals providing servo repair in Dayton.
Checking the encoder and motor cables- Hopefully the customer sent across the communication cables within the unit, so you can test the pin-out of the cable in ensuring all of the wiring has a strong signal.

In instances such as these, you might need to pull up and pin out information from the servo motor manufacturing websites in ensuring you are testing the appropriate cables. In numerous cases, an encoder cables with have a pin for each channel of A, A not B, B not the positive voltage and common.

In some of the cases it will also have a Z and Z not pulse as well as a shield. Of course, not all customers are able to send the cable with the unit as they send you a spare in repairing.

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Industrial Automation Repair Inc. welcomes you!

Industrial Automation Repair Inc. is a one of the leading and reputed repair company. We have set highest standard of success in the industry for offering premium, prompt and easy on the pocket repair services. We hold expertise in DC Servo Drive Repair, AC Servo Drive Repair, Industrial Electronics Repair and Servo Motor Repair, etc.

Being a deep-rooted repair company, our primary goal is to meet every specific need of the clients in the best possible manner. We keep an eye of details in latest innovations and current industry trends to cater to all rising needs of the clients. We proudly serve our clients throughout Asia with top-notch and custom-made repair services while maintaining ultimate customer care services.

We are a one-stop shop for repairing all types, sizes and brands of products. Supported by a well skilled and talented team of experts, we are proficient to troubleshoot all kinds of electrical, electronic and mechanical repairing services. No matter which type of product you have, just call us to get dedicated solution. With years of industry expertise and knowledge, we repair over 200,000 products from about 7,000 companies.

At Industrial Automation Repair Inc, our main strength is our crew. We hire only certified and highly experienced professionals who are well aware about latest repair and diagnosis services. They can diagnose the problem and troubleshoot that with right technique to provide you quality performance for long.

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Avail our repair services, if you are expecting –

• On-site Repair • Prompt Work • Fair Pricing • Guaranteed Services

Being a reputed repair company, we understand that you want to minimize maintenance cost. We Industrial Automation Repair Inc understand your expectations and offers high quality repair services with a wide network of repair centers globally. We cover various countries including USD, Canada and India, etc. We are all set to launch our services in many other countries with an intention to extend quality, life and durability of your valuable devices and equipments.

We proudly use only high-quality branded tools and equipments to serve you with what you actually deserve. We use only guaranteed products to offer assured quality and durability. All our products are procured from reliable sources only to keep up the quality of our services. Here at Industrial Automation Repair Inc, we are committed to return maximum value of money. We strive hard to help you to save on maintenance and replacement cost.

Allow us to offer you with the best repairing services. Call us today for free price estimate and know more about our repairing services.